Well, hello my wonderful fellow London Gothic’ers hope you are all grand.
We are now into the spooky season and Halloween is drawing nearer every day, Mrs H (The Pagan Witch) is getting extremely excited and some of the pagan decorations have already gone up in our small abode and it’s looking like a cosy little coven.

What we been up to then?
Mike and I have been promoting the hell out of chapter 1, you may have seen us a lot more on various webcasts and YouTube comics channels, it’s been great and we’ve met some amazing people, lot’s more interviews planned so keep an eye out on SM if you want to catch us chatting about LG’s story or art.

Mike is still hammering away at the illustrations for chapter 2 which I have to say look bloody awesome, each chapter is going to be more epic than the last, and of course with the usual twists, turns and WTF moments.

I am slowly writing an origin story for Punch as per fans requests and hope at some stage to bring this out as a shorter comic, not going to give away too much but you are gonna love it.

Mrs H and I will be at the Maidstone, Kent Comic Con one day event on Sunday 6th November, if you are free and fancy a day out pop along, there’s lots on such as gaming, comics and apparently some personal appearances from TV/Film personalities. Make sure you come over and introduce yourself, we’d love to meet you all.

After that both me and Mike will be at the Olympia Comic Con in artists alley, 19-20 November so again please come and say hello.

On another note we are looking for extras for Chapter 2 and beyond so if you would like to appear and haven’t already please email me info@london-gothic.co.uk for a chat, maybe a background character or even a main character, we can offer you a path to fame and fortune, well not really but you’d be in it.

That’s all for now you beautiful mob, we’ll update you again soon but, in the meantime, stay safe and stay spooky and have a fab Halloween.

Gawd Bless you all
Nick Henry, Team LG

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