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Meet the creative team

Nick Henry

Creator & Author

Born in Brixton, London during the 1970’s, Nick left school at 14 years of age with no qualifications to try and make his own way in the world.

From an early age he was obsessed with Horror films, always found in front of an old black & white TV watching the Saturday night late Horror double bill, enthralled by the stories and characters, which helped create the story and characters for London Gothic the graphic novel along with many other short stories and poems all with a sinister, creepy feel to them.

Nick is the owner of a print company where his actual day job is Managing Director, Nick also had a stint as a co producer in a west end show “Eugenius the Musical” based on a comic book creator with super powers but due to the unfortunate coronavirus outbreak the show was forced to close.

Mike Burton

Illustrator & Character Design

Raised in Derbyshire and raised on a variety of comic books, Mike left school with A* in Fine Art and won the Derbyshire award for best work in Art at GCSE.

His fascination in his early years of reading and drawing characters of famous comics paved the way for him to develop his own style of illustration which were part of the family DNA, his father who was a huge influence being an avid comic reader supportively nurtured Mike and his talents.

Mike continued his studies at University excelling in Psychology, English and A Level Art and then went on to be awarded a National Diploma Distinction in Multimedia.

Mike’s experience in film making, has achieved great success to which he won best picture at an international short film festival in the United States.

In Mike’s words, “My fascination of Horror and all things surrounding the early Victorian era joining the London Gothic team was a no brainer and after reading the script, I just had to be part of this”

Sean Lane

Character Developer & Digital Design

With over 25 years of experience working in the creative industry under his leather belt, Sean has a variety of abilities to help bring the world of London Gothic to life.

Sean first met Nick and Laura on a dark Saturday evening in Kent where he was instantly hooked to the story.

Sean has a passion for creativity, completes at least one drawing every day of the week and is looking forward to sharing the London Gothic story with as many people as possible.

Some of Sean’s artwork can be found at and his design work can be found at  You can also follow him on instagram as slane_scribbles.

Laura Henry

Assistant Creator & Researcher

Raised in a small mystical village in the dense Kent countryside with a passion for witchcraft and the supernatural. In later years and through long periods of study Laura become a qualified herbalist.

Laura has applied the amazing power of herbs to create potions and natural remedies and also open a successful online witchcraft store “Familiars”.

Laura has also studied and has excellent knowledge of the light and dark craft of witchery that have been an integral part of creating the world of London Gothic.

Laura created from actual ancient documents the symbols you see within the graphic novel.

Matt Dale

Designer & Social media

With over 10 years experience in graphic design, marketing and fine art.

Matt left school with art qualifications and progressed to a degree in Graphic Design where he is currently a Studio Director for Serious Print Group

Matt has a passion for drawing and computer art and provides freelance art commissions in his spare time.

Working with Nick since 2011 the subject and idea of London Gothic came up in conversation many times over the years, in fact Matt was the first way back in 2014 to draw some concept characters and has been involved ever since.

Matt is a massive horror fan whether it be from TV, Film, Books, Comics or Video Games, always looking for the next scare and relishing being part of team LG.

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