Meet the creative team

Nick Henry

Creator & Author

Born in Brixton during the 1970s Nick spent most of his childhood roaming the streets of London like a feral kid. He would explore much of old Londons historic places, encountering the still remaining bomb sites, skylarking along old father Thames and walking the then remaining old cobbled streets surrounded by derelict wharfs. This is where his fascination with the macabre and horror started and his imagination was allowed to run wild taking every opportunity to scare the bejesus out of his friends with creepy stories about bizarre characters who roamed the precarious places whilst on their travels. 

From an early age he was obsessed with Horror films, always to be found in front of an old black & white TV watching the late night Saturday horror double bill, absolutely enthralled, which in turn shaped the ideas for the story and characters of London Gothic® along with other short stories and poems written with his unique trademark sinister, creepy depiction of terror and horror.

Nick is the owner of a print company where his actual day job is Managing Director, Nick also had a stint as a co producer in a west end show “Eugenius the Musical” based on a comic book creator with super powers but due to the unfortunate coronavirus outbreak the show was forced to close.

Mike Burton

Penciller, Inker, Colourist, Letterer & Character Design

Raised in Derbyshire on a variety of comic books & graphic novels, Mike left school with A* in Fine Art and won the Derbyshire award for best work in Art at GCSE.

His fascination in his early years of reading and drawing characters from famous comics paved the way for him to develop his own style of illustration. His father was a huge influence on him, being an avid comic reader he supportively nurtured Mike and his talents, both with his great appreciation of comic book art and his own talents in story telling.

Mike continued his studies in further education excelling in Psychology, English and A Level Art and then went on to be awarded a National Diploma Distinction in Multimedia.

Mike’s experience in film making which began during his time at college has achieved great success to which he won the best picture at an international short film festival in the United States. Applying his varied skills developed from his time working in film, colour grading and visual effects lends a unique style to his work in the pages of London Gothic® and his cinematic eye for storytelling brings this depraved world to life. 

In Mike’s words, “My fascination of Horror and all things surrounding the early Victorian era meant that joining the London Gothic® team was a no brainer and after reading the script, I just had to be part of this”.

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