Greetings Gothicers,
it’s been a while since we last updated all things London Gothic (LG), so we figured it would be about time we did so.

Firstly, Chapter two is well on its way now with Mike beavering away to fully encapsulate Nick’s vision and to meet the Spring 23 deadline. We think it’s going to be even more dynamic and throat grabbing (literally) than Chapter one, so please pre order your copy from our Olde Shoppe.

Regarding Chapter two, don’t forget to sign up for our Kickstarter campaign for that, you won’t be disappointed.

Nick and Laura had a stall and a ball, at the recent Weymouth Comic Con and as you can see by the picture the LG word was spread even wider as a result. See the website for details of the future Comic Cons coming up this year.

London Gothic stall from Weymouth Comic Con 

We thought it might be an idea for me (Sean, part of team LG), to use this blog post to talk about the part I initially played (as well as designing and putting the coins in the slot to keep the website functioning) to get the London Gothic story rolling.

After meeting Nick and learning about the LG story that had been gurgling around the sewers of his mind for a few decades, I set about sketching out some characters and how the world could look. My job was basically to turn words into an initial visual world.

Having worked as a designer and illustrator for some 25 years at that point, this was by far the darkest story I had the pleasure to work on. I really enjoyed delving into Victorian London, it’s costumes, it’s smoky skies and it’s guttural underbelly to create something that could be taken forward to build ‘world LG’. I’m not really a comic artist so it was great that Nick found Mike to take everything to the next level, which he has done and then some! Mike’s unbelievable work ethic and skill set has been massive to the project, really bringing everything to life.

sotryboards for London Gothic

We hope you are well and are looking forward to reading Chapter two!

To paraphrase Nick ‘gawd bless you all!’


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