Since late January the team at LG have been throwing around ideas for cover artwork, our main aim as always was that we wanted it to be different, unique and unusual but still in keeping with the story. After much debate, lots of design amends and proofs going back and forth we have finally created something with a concept that we can use as a cover for each chapter with slight subtle changes. Mike the magician has done it again and come up with an amazing gif and we would love to hear your thoughts, so if you would like to comment you can send me an email or post on one of our social media pages, we love hearing from our LG followers and always welcome responses to our posts.

With some signs of normality fast approaching we are also looking into taking a stand at London Comic Con for either the Summer (July) or Winter (November) events, not sure which yet and all depends on funds being available, but we will keep you all informed and would really love to meet fellow London Gothic’ers so if the chance arises please don’t be shy, we don’t bite……not in public!

One last thing to add…..the lovely Mrs H is due to fill out the census form, which is compulsory for all of us in blighty, we decided to put our religion down as Tuttori!

That will throw them and seeing as we invented the Tuttori order why not lead from the front and be the first followers, feel free to do the same we don’t charge a joining fee or ask you for a monthly DD and there is no legal requirement to state which religion you follow so we thought, yeah let’s bloody well do it!

Well, that is all for now our wonderful London Gothic’ers we will update you all again soon.

In the meantime, and in Jellico’s immortal words on the British Monarchy……

“I licked da Queens head once, so I did, left a nasty taste in me mouth….I’ll be getting a turd class stamp next time an use some feckin glue”

Gawd Bless you all
Nick Henry – Team LG
Creator & Author