Well folks, with Christmas just around the corner this will be the final blog of 2020 for us.
And what a 2020 it has been……

The Virus, toilet roll shortages, lockdowns, freedom, more lockdowns and now the UK has been shut off from the rest of the world like a huge leper colony! What an unusual year, hopefully of the likes we will never have to encounter again and 2021 will be a process of getting back to normality as we used to know it.

If there was one small positive to come out of 2020 it was the fact, we decided to take the leap and finally get London Gothic off the ground and into production, and wow what a journey we have had so far…..

Characters for Chapter 1 are now virtually complete, and we are still on course for Mike to start weaving his magic and start the hard task of panel artwork before we finish the year. We will be sharing the characters over the coming months with you on social media and we hope you enjoy them as much as we have loved creating them and bringing them to life.

The trailer was launched last week, and we have had amazing reviews and feedback, quite a lot of you have been amazed that it was for a Graphic Novel not a movie, it’s always brilliant to get your views because it shows that all our hard work and effort are being appreciated by the very people, we are producing this for….you guys, so please keep them coming they are very much appreciated.

So that’s really it for now, until we meet on the other side all the team at LG would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a very Happy & Healthy New Year, and in the immortal words of our wonderful Jellico “Ah fer fecks sake, just give me da full bottle, I’ll be drinkin da feckin lot”

“Gawd Bless you all”

Nick Henry – Team LG
Creator & Author