Well fellow London Gothic’ers we are well into April and fingers crossed the release from lockdown goes smoothly and things return back to normality very soon, and we can continue life safely and see family again, maybe having a beer in a nice pub garden if the good old British weather allows!

Right let’s get on because we have a few bits of news to report.

Firstly, way back since the dawn of time we applied to Trademark the London Gothic Logo. Well, this week we not only received our approval for the logo but also for the phrase London Gothic so we can officially state we are now trademarked and can use the special circled R from now on.

Secondly myself and Mike looked over the timings of bringing LG to you lovely people and realised that it would be wise to extend the release date, this is due to numerous things but mainly because we do not want to cut corners in any way, for LG to give the reader the ultimate experience the entire story needs to be in colour and of course with Mikes amazing effects skills, this will also give us time to get started on the 2nd Chapter so if all goes to plan you would not have a long wait for the next Chapter’s release so you can continue the gripping story that accompanies the marvellous illustrations.

First Chapter will be available just before Halloween this year and details of how to purchase will be shared nearer the time.

Lastly, we have acquired some absolutely fantastic art working with various illustrators from around the globe who have been creating promo art for LG, we will show you these in good time, but I must say they have blown my socks off, especially one piece that has actually brought our very own Duke to life as if ready for the silver screen.

Watch this space and all will be revealed in the coming months.

Well, that is all for now our wonderful London Gothic’ers we will update you all again soon. In the meantime, and in Jellico’s immortal words on Pubs reopening.

‘Bet dere’s some tight fecker who will still remember dey bought da last feckin round o drinks’

Gawd Bless you all
Nick Henry – Team LG
Creator & Author