Well, hello my wonderful fellow London Gothic’ers unfortunately for your sins I am back again, many thanks to Mike and Sean for providing the last couple of great blogs, nice to get a different perspective from other members of the team, and there will be more blogs from the other guys throughout the year, so you don’t have to put up with me all the time!

So, what’s been going on?
Mike is still working tirelessly on illustrating the first chapter and is currently sitting at 40 pages, Matt is colouring as fast as he can and we are still on course for an Autumn release, given this was our first step into the world of graphic novels we are learning as we go along and quickly realised things just cannot be rushed, especially when you put your heart and soul into something that means so much thus to give our fantastic readers the experience this amazing story really deserves.

I have been throwing quite a few ideas around for chapters 5-8 and an offshoot of LG set more in the future, all ideas have been received extremely well which has encouraged me to start coming up with story lines and characters, all will start to take shape and will be unveiled when the time arises.

We have also added to our guest artists, character promo art is currently underway all of which look fantastic. We may give you a sneak peek of our very own Duke illustrated soon as a little teaser!

Earlier in the year we received some brilliant news, we were approached by a well-known tv/film production company who seem very interested in our little horror fable, our plan is to produce the first chapter before even thinking about taking part in any discussions. This was an agreement Mike and I made right in the beginning of creation, and although we would absolutely love the story and characters being brought to life on the big screen our main aim was to create something special in our own unique style that could be enjoyed by comic and GN lovers, we will stick to our agreement and absolutely see out whatever happens in the future.

That’s about it for now you wonderful London Gothic’ers but in the meantime a little gem from our very own Jellico.
‘went to da doctors yesterday, I said ta him, do ya treat alcoholics?’
‘Of course we do’ he said
‘Great, get yer coat on, I’m feckin skint!â’

Gawd Bless you all
Nick Henry – Team LG
Creator & Author