That’s another gloomy month out of the way!
This month we have been hard at work illustrating…..or should I say Mike has!

Everything is progressing very nicely, and the page flows are looking really great, Mike the magician’s use of panelling for action and horror scenes is brilliant, we can’t wait for you guys to see it in all its glory when the first chapter becomes available this spring.

We held an amazing competition in December to win a cameo appearance in chapter one, the draw was made from one of my old hat’s and we had a winner who was exceptionally grateful. Upon me asking if he would mind being in a fight scene where he was bludgeoned his words were “The bloodier the better for me please”, which made us all chuckle and we duly fulfilled his wish!

You can see his tweet below, and upon receiving the signed panel artwork (which we also framed for him because he was a jolly nice chap), it was very well received by all followers and retweeted many times, thank you for all your support we really do appreciate it.

tweet pic

I have also commissioned another illustrator to work on our promo art, which should be available to share on our social media channels by the beginning of March, very excited about this because the lady in person is an exceptional talent so watch this space and check out our social media feeds.
The entire four chapters have also been edited and we have made some small changes to enhance the reader experience, along with this we are starting to put together some Kickstarter rewards to offer investors and we hope to go live on Kickstarter at the beginning of March.

Well, that is all for now our wonderful London Gothic’ers we will update you all again during February.
In the meantime, and in Jellico’s immortal words on the current vaccine rollout……

“If it’s a jab you’ll be wantin, I’ll be happy ta give ya one, ya fecker”

Gawd Bless you all

Nick Henry – Team LG
Creator & Author