From all of the LG team we would like to firstly wish you all a very happy and healthy new year and hope this year brings some joy & happiness to you all.

Well, what a start to 2021…..we have not stopped at LG HQ!

Mike started on page layouts earlier this week and it was so exciting to see the very first page of chapter 1 in all it’s amazing glory, it really blew our minds, to actually see something that has been in your head for thirty odd years come to life…….bloody brilliant!

Mike the wizard has such a unique style of illustration and layout we promise you will really enjoy the art and story of chapter one when it is released in the spring.

It’s a brilliant visual experience that makes it seem like you are not only reading a comic novel but has the impression that it has been shot as a movie, well you never know maybe one day when they have all been released and the entire story has been told, it may well just get snapped up for a blockbuster film or four season series!?

On new year’s eve Laura picked from one of the witches hats in her collection our very first competition winner, and many congratulations to “Doctor Gallow” (obviously not his real name!) who entered through our twitter page, he will now have the pleasure of being cast as an illustrated character in chapter 1 taking a cameo appearance and a signed copy of a page he will star in, he was absolutely over the moon to have been chosen, but don’t worry if you didn’t win this time we have more competitions planned so make sure you follow us on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram for upcoming details……be sure not to miss out.

Nick has nearly completed the entire four chapters but has been busy in his day job, so things were put slightly on hold while he provides essential services for our wonderful NHS but is hopeful to complete the entire story by the end of the month.

Last but not least could we kindly ask you to please help spread the word about London Gothic, we are a very new self-funded independent comic and need all the support we can get, we try very hard to give you glimpses into the LG world and put a lot of time and love into this wonderful adventure, like producing an amazing trailer, the likes of which we have never seen anyone else take time to do for a graphic novel or comic so please follow us on our social media and check in with the website, please hit the like button if you do like it or anything else we publish, it keeps our spirits up and drives us on with excited motivation.

We also love answering questions regarding LG so feel free to email any you have, and we will always get back to you.

So that is it for now, until we meet again stay safe, stay sane
and in Jellico’s immortal words……

“I’ll be feckin havin one o whatever you’re havin, ah bollocks make it two”.

“Gawd Bless you all”.

Nick Henry – Team LG
Creator & Author